Ends on July 26, 2017

Please submit work that has not been previously published in print. If it has been published in an online magazine, or if you are submitting a translation of a piece that has only previously been published in the original language, then we will still be open to considering it.

Please send no more than five poems or 300 lines of poetry and include a line count in the category marked "Name & Brief Biography"

Submit all pieces in a single document (we accept .doc or .docx). We do accept submissions in multiple categories – in this case, please send a separate document for each category.

Translations. We accept non-English works which are accompanied by a translation into English, or English works accompanied by a translation into another language. We will present the translations side by side in order to highlight the similarities and differences of language and interpretation. Permission must be granted for publication in SAND from both the author and the translator and, if necessary, the author’s publisher. If you are submitting a translation, please include the original author's name and brief biography in the category marked "Name & Brief Biography."

At this time, we compensate writers with a free copy of the issue in which their work appears. All rights to your work revert to you after publication. If you pre-order the upcoming issue and are included in it, you may select another issue of your choice.

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